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tabloid magazine production

We have a wealth of experience in producing tabloid magazines.

We have a lot of experience and achievements, such as switching to a tabloid version when renewing a public relations magazine, and being designated for tabloid renewal.

Anniversary magazine production

The production of corporate commemorative magazines is all in one from planning to editorial design.

We also have a wealth of experience in producing anniversary and commemorative magazines. From the planning stage, we will collect and propose various requests, and we will make adjustments according to your wishes.

magazine production

Leave it to us for magazine design direction.

We will handle art direction, editing, writing, and progress management. Please leave bold redesign at the time of the first issue and renewal.

catalog production

We will take care of all the catalog production.

From planning, editing, writing, progress management, photography, and design, please entrust us with all aspects of catalog production. We will work with you from the planning stage.

book design

Batch design of books is possible.

We accept the direction and design of a whole book such as a book. Please leave it to us for visual books that require different designs for every page.

Publication & Web & Movie Batch Production

It is possible to collectively direct and produce promotional materials.

From PR magazines, commemorative magazines, pamphlets to movies and websites, it is possible to collectively direct various PR products covering the entire promotion.

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